What are Lucid Candles?

Lucid Liquid Candles provide a better way to bring real candlelight into your home. They are refillable and everlasting. They look and feel like wax candles. The candle is made of a polymer that never burns down. The body of the candle is a reservoir for Lucid Liquid paraffin. The removable top contains a fiberglass wick that reaches into the reservoir and draws up the liquid. Only the Lucid Liquid is burned - the candle and wick are permanent. Light the wick and enjoy clean, natural candlelight.

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What are the advantages of Lucid Candles?


  • Lucid Candles never melt down, so you will never have to clean up messy wax. They burn the finest grade liquid paraffin and use everlasting fiberglass wicks, so they don’t emit ugly soot.


  • Lucid Candles are made in original designs and colors and with decorative motifs that will complement your home’s décor.

  • Lucid Candles have the alluring glow and unmistakable movement of a real flame. 

  • Lucid Candles never burn down. They stay as beautiful as the day you brought them home.

  • Lucid delivers luxury fragrance with the natural look of pillar candles.


  • Lucid pillar candles can be paired with our exclusive Fragrance Stones. Fragrance Stones are crafted in France and fragranced by master perfumers. Stones are optional and interchangeable. The stone fits on the top of the pillar and the heat from the flame will fill the room with your favorite scent.


  • Lucid Candles are refillable and the Lucid Liquid they burn is far less expensive than buying new candles. Using Fragrance Stones is also less costly.


Are Lucid Candles safe?


Lucid Candles are the safest natural flame candles obtainable. They avoid the common hazards associated with wax candles because they
don’t burn down. They don't drip, gutter, explode or throw burning cinders. Lucid Liquid ignites only when vaporized on a wick but will not catch fire alone. If you drop a lit match in a bowl of Lucid Liquid it will extinguish the match!

Lucid Candles tops are secured with a twist lock so if they are knocked over, only a small amount of liquid can seep out. Lucid Liquid is clear and will not stain or damage textiles or furnishings in your home.

Of course, because Lucid Candles have a real flame, please exercise caution when using them.

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Are Lucid Candles Fragrant?

Yes, they can be!

You can burn Lucid pillar candles unscented or with our exclusive Fragrance Stones. Fragrance Stones are crafted in France and fragranced by master perfumers. Stones fit on top of your pillar and the heat will disperse fine fragrance throughout your room. Choose among a wide variety of distinctive scents. Stones are easy to change. As we say, “Change your mood, change your fragrance!”

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Can I use Lucid Candles with my candle holders at home?


Our Dinner Candles feature the Universal Adapter - a unique, flexible end piece that fits securely into almost any candle holder designed for traditional tapers.

Our Pillar Candles can stand on any flat surface or pillar holder, and are made with a notch in their base to accommodate spikes. 

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Who makes Lucid Candles?

Lucid Candles are made by CM Almy, a family owned company that has manufactured decorative furnishings for churches since 1892.  We have produced liquid candles for 30 years at our shop in Pittsfield, Maine. They are currently being used in over 40,000 churches worldwide. Like our church candles, Lucid Candles are made in Maine - we are proud to manufacture in the USA.

When & where will I be able to buy Lucid Candles?

Lucid Candles will be available for sale on lucidcandle.com in June, 2017 and at specialty gift stores across the country April - May 2017.   Please sign up below for updates and important information.