Black on Natural Grace Lace Dinner Candle

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The allure of black lace adds romance to these dinner candles – there is just something magical about them! A natural flame creates a warm glow that highlights the lace design and throws soft light into the surrounding room. They never burn down or drip wax on your furniture. Perfect, every time. Enjoy candlelight every nigh!t

  • Everlasting, never drips, melts down or burns unevenly
  • 11 inches tall, 1 inch diameter
  • Includes Universal Adapter to fit most candle holders
  • Burns 5 to 6 hours between refills with Lucid Liquid
  • Clean, easy and safe
  • Packaged in our signature Lucid gift box
  • Lucid Liquid sold separately from candles
  • Proudly made in the USA