Natural Fork & Knife Dinner Candle

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The table is set for a candlelit meal! This Lucid Dinner Candle is adorned with a vintage fork and knife on opposing sides. The Universal Adapter ensures that the candle fits in nearly all candleholders. It never burns down or drips wax so you avoid the mess and frustration from traditional wax candles. A real flame provides brilliant glow.

  • Everlasting, never drips, melts down or burns unevenly
  • 11 inches tall, 1 inch diameter
  • Includes Universal Adapter to fit most candle holders
  • Burns 5 to 6 hours between refills with Lucid Liquid
  • Clean, easy and safe
  • Packaged in our signature Lucid gift box
  • Lucid Liquid sold separately from candles
  • Proudly made in the USA