Lucid Candles last forever.

Refillable, liquid candles burn a real flame but never melt down.

How it works ↓

Remove candle top

Fill with Lucid Liquid

Light candle wick

Enjoy candlelight every night
With the only refillable, everlasting candle.
Lucid Candles last forever

Refillable - they burn Lucid Liquid paraffin.

Clean - no messy, dripping wax.

Beautiful - unmistakable glow of real candlelight.

Economical - the last candle you will ever need to buy.

Premium quality - made in the U.S.A

The Economical Choice

A 16 oz bottle of Lucid Liquid costs just $9.99 and provides over 100 hours of burn time. Lucid candles are much less expensive to use than wax candles and will not damage furniture and linens.

No mess. No stress!

The candle as conversation piece

Lucid Candles come in a variety of colors & original designs. And because they never burn down, you aren't just getting a candle - you are getting a beautiful decor piece that lasts forever.

Change your mood. Change your fragrance.

Apply Lucid Fragrant Oil to ceramic stone on top of pillar candle.

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Choose from 7 original fragrances, crafted by master perfumers.

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The warm flame of your Lucid Candle will diffuse delightful scent.

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A game changer for event professionals
Lucid Candles are perfect for your weddings & events

A heritage of craftsmanship

Lucid Candles were developed by a family owned company that has produced liquid candles for 30 years in Maine. We are proud to manufacture in the USA.

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