Available for sale - June, 2017



Everlasting beauty

Imagine enjoying the warm, unmistakable glow of a real flame without worrying about messy wax or soot. Lucid Liquid Candles keep their beautiful form forever - they never melt down. Lucid Candles are refillable, and burn Lucid Liquid paraffin.

Classic solid colors and original designs accent any décor. Inspired by textiles, fashion, antique engravings and decorative arts, there is a Lucid Candle to complement your personal style.

Lucid Candles will be available for sale on lucidcandle.com in June, 2017 and at specialty gift stores across the country April - May 2017.


How it works:

Dinner candles stand tall

No more struggling with dinner candles that are too big or too small to fit your favorite candlesticks. No carving, no sticky wax - tall and straight every time. Lucid Dinner Candles feature the Universal Adapter - a flexible end piece that fits securely into virtually any candlestick. Dinner by candlelight is back on the table!


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The candle as conversation piece

Lucid respects tradition and loves creativity! That's why we offer our candles in solids, prints, patterns and graphics. Standing alone or in groups, they look great, even when they are not burning. What used to be overlooked is now a conversation piece - friends will ask:

"Where did you get that candle?!


Lucid. A better candle.

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In so many styles: