Customer Comments

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"Great candle! It has changed my life!!! No more wax drippings!”
Carol Jenckes
"We love these candles! No more wax melting all over the place!”
Cherie Phillips
"I appreciate the variety of colors and sizes, solid construction and elegant appearance. Very realistic and clean-burning. Easy to use.”
Robert Hoppe
"Beautiful, elegant, clean.”
Edith Brous
"These candles are awesome. I love that they have a real flame and provide the same ambiance as a wax candle without the drips and mess. They won't melt down and can be reused over and over. It's a win.”
Eliot Bacolas
"While they are expensive, the quality is wonderful. I'm very happy and will slowly add to my prior purchase.”
Debra Frickanisce
"I love them. So far, I've bought 4 tapers and two pillars and I will probably buy more as gifts.”
Sharon Scott
"So so realistic and clean burning. Love that these candles are refillable...we used to throw out so many empty glass candle jars monthly. Wish they had a scent, but that doesn’t detract me from loving these candles. We will be buying tapers for dining room.”
Kellie Logsdon
"Love these candles. They are classic, look elegant and are so easy to use.”
Christine Gerrans
"I LOVE my Lucid candle. I’ve referred three people to this brand since receiving my order and all three are planning on making the purchase of a Lucid candle!”
Hannah Ruth Rusher
"Initially it's an investment, overall you won't have the mess of wax candles and it's pretty inexpensive in the end when you will only need to buy the lucid liquid. Definitely recommend Lucid Candles!”
Brenda Jolin
"After years of using candles for our outside deck, we are thrilled with the Lucid line. Easy to use, no more having to dig the wick out of the wax to light it, great illumination, and they last. Best part is no messy clean up and the uniform shape always gives that 'brand new' look to our deck!”
April G.
Scottsdale, AZ
"My lucid candle is my favorite new item. It looks beautiful and real, but doesn't drip and disappear like my old candles. Will definitely be getting more for myself and as gifts for friends!"
Haley R.
Brooklyn, NY
“It’s everything I love in a candle without the mess.”
Lauren Hurst
Mint Hill, NC
“I absolutely love my Lucid Candles! The “copperplate series” of which I own several different ones present so beautifully on my dining room table and in different areas around my home. These candles were the finishing touch for decorative items in my new home. I fill them up with Lucid Liquid prior to a night of entertaining and they burn all evening. I’ve received more compliments on my Lucid Candles than any other decorative items I own!”
Leslie C.
Portland, ME
“They are lovely. Really like the convenience and safety aspect of the candle.”
Janis Childs
South Portland, ME
“I really love my new lucid candle. My candle is very well made. I will be getting more soon.”
Dave Spurlock
Pittsburgh, PA
“I love that your candles always look brand new! I have bought several now and am keeping a couple for holiday gifts for next year.”
Cathy Blonski
Danbury, CT
“I love never having to worry about wax dripping on my tables or mantle when I’m using Lucid candles. I love the various colors and patterns and I already have many of them. I’m always on the lookout for anything new!”
“Great product, great company to work with, and American made.”
Karen Gaudreau
Broad Brook, CT
“Love the long lasting beautiful effects of Lucid candles!”
Raen Malone
Los Angeles, CA
“I love these candles. My daughter got married and I made sure they were on her gift list. She loves them too! Only other such candles I’ve seen are from church supply stores. Great invention/product! A smart person started your company!”
Valerie Holman
Birmingham, AL
“Appreciate a candle that burns all evening. Love the look/design that wax never covers the burning flame -- you can always see Lucid burning. The best thing about a candle is the flickering flame!”
Wendy Wilson
Cincinnati, OH
“Wonderful replacement for traditional tapers.”
Michael Sproull
Winchester, VA
“I love the clean burn of the candles. I have tall wall sconces that all other candles would leave black soot marks inside the glass. No soot with the Lucid candles! They look like real wax candles and have a natural flame unlike the battery powered candles with an unnatural flickering flame.”
Cara Greco
Huntsville, AL
“Lucid candles are the best candle I have ever used. They look beautiful with they are lit and when they are not lit. You cannot tell that they aren’t wax. I have never seen anything like them. They always look new, fresh and perfect.”
Penelope Ciera
North Andover, MA
“These candles are even more beautiful in person!!”
Kelly Ponder
Farmland, IN
“I am an interior designer and have used them many times in the homes that I am decorating customers love them and always want to order more.”
Debra Wood
Naples, FL
“I have always loved candles (smell, texture, peacefulness) and I can 100% say that these candles have become my favorite. I hate when I use a candle and i can’t replace it because they no longer make them etc I don’t have to worry about that with these :). I’d totally recommend to my friends.”
Barbara Schwenk
Jacksonville, AL
“My daughter liked my gift to her and that is all that matters!”
Joy George
Champagne, IL
“I love the Lucid candles.......especially because they leave no mess but provide very realistic candle light.”
“When I first learned about Lucid candles I was totally intrigued and couldn’t wait until they came onto the market. Now that we have been enjoying one of the peacock feather pillars for the last few weeks I am truly blown away by how great they are! We have even been using it outdoors during this unseasonable fall weather, and even in a stiff breeze the wick stays lit. You won’t find a regular candle that will do that!
We love how the flame is consistent and the oh so real looking candle itself never changes, and you don’t have to worry about a wax “spill”. We anticipate many years of enjoyment from our first of what will be many Lucid candles. The bird’s nest short pillar and tapers are next!”
Sharon P.
Sheffield, MA
“After work, I go home light my candle and start cooking the dinner. The flame is so genuine and no more wax on my granite counter tops!”
Mary Ellen S.
Half Moon Bay, CA
“We have LOVED using the Lucid candles both at our own homes and as styling tools or gifts to our clients. The basic white is anything but basic as it has an beautiful warm white glow that fits both traditional and contemporary styles. Adding/refilling the liquid is easy and since the flame is real it doesn't have the artificial look of so many candles on the market. It enhances the spaces we design... we love that!”
Krista F.
Fairfield, CT
“I light candles almost every night. I like having a few lit in my living room and one in the kitchen after I cook dinner. I go through candles pretty regularly so when I found Lucid Candles I finally found a way to save money. I realized after a few days that not only was Lucid saving me money from my candle obsession but it was also much easier and cleaner. There's no wax so I don't have to clean up dried melted wax on my coffee table anymore. Also I don't have to struggle to light Lucid Candles like I do with my wax candles in glass jars. The last thing that surprised me about my Lucid Candles was that they looked great in my house. Unlike the wax candles in jars that get dusty and have black soot all over them my Lucid Candles have stayed looking pretty. At first I just bought the basic colors but they have all these patterns and designs that fit with the style of my home. I'm excited for the holiday season to put out seasonally decorated Lucid Candles!”
Lizzie G.
Sleepy Hollow, NY
“I purchased a pair of dinner candles to bring to my host at Thanksgiving. She immediately put them into a pair of antique silver candlesticks she had, lit them, and everybody loved them on the table. After dinner, she showed me a pair or gorgeous glass candlesticks she had purchased in Italy, but never used because it was hard to find candles that fit and she was always afraid to get wax on them as they might break when she tried to clean them. The lucid dinner candles fit perfectly! You have a customer for life!”
M. Colletta
Freeport, NY
“I recently purchased the Halloween candles from Lucid. We are getting so many comments and compliments on how nice they look. Can't wait for my Bright Trees for the Christmas season.”
Teri L.
Aliquippa, PA
“I absolutely love my new Lucid Candles! As someone who keeps candles burning hours at a time I know how costly this can be. The Lucid way is the more economical way! The Florentine alphabet pillars have an antique look that fits right into my living room décor. I can’t wait to swap out the Halloween and Christmas designs for a more festive look around the holidays.”
Sue S.
Milford, DE
“I ordered the 3 x 8 Indigo on Natural Swirls Pillar Candle as a gift. When the candle arrived I was thrilled. It looked even better in person than it did on the website. I also ordered the 3 x 4 Bachelor Button on Natural for my bathroom. The Lucid Candles are easy to use and look great after each use. No more wiping off black soot inside the jar. ”
Cindy B.
Youngstown, OH
“About 10 years ago, I was weary of searching for tall beeswax tapers for our home. Because of air flow in our house, regular candles burned way too fast and dripped everywhere. Our candle habit was either messy or costly. A friend tipped me off to your clerical supply website, ALMY. I ordered your 18” Altar liquid tapers and never went back. Guests were impressed. Except at Christmas, I never shopped for candles again. I wanted to tell the world about liquid candles. Obviously, you did too! I am so happy you introduced Lucid Candles for everyone.”
Shannon L.
Charleston, SC
“I purchased these dinner candles for my sister in law who always sets the table and has wax tapers at her table all the time. When I arrived I noticed she didn’t have her candlesticks on the beautifully set table. I asked her for her candlesticks, the silver ones that she always uses. She said she wasn’t using them today because she didn’t have enough time to get out to the store to get replacement wax dinner candles. When she handed me the candlesticks, the used wax candles had fused wax dripping all the way down the candle with a mangled look to them like they came out of a haunted house on top of a piano.
I presented the Bless this Table dinner candles to her with a bottle of Lucid liquid. I filled the dinner candles and placed them in her candlesticks with the flexible adapter that they come with to fit any standard candlestick. Fit like a charm. I waited for the wick to saturate some of the liquid and lit them. Well, her entire company gathered around the table and just stared. Everyone kept commenting how beautiful they were and that they couldn’t believe they weren’t going to burn down, just stay as lovely as they begin.
Later on, when her husband, my brother-in-law came to the table, he thanked me for bringing the dinner candles wondering why they weren’t getting shorter as dessert was being served. I realized that he wasn’t there when I presented the candles explaining why he was astonished when he learned such a candle has been developed and for sale. Alleluia! A BETTER CANDLE has been invented. ”
Lucy C.
Poughquag, NY