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Lucid Candle will ship your order from its Pittsfield, Maine location within 1 business day of it being placed. We use FedEx for the majority of our ground domestic shipments and USPS for small, low weight orders like a single dinner candle or Fragrance package.

You will receive a shipment notification email when your order has been shipped. It should include a tracking number or link so that you can monitor the progress of your shipment. If you do not receive a shipping notification email within 1 business day of your order or if you have any additional questions about your shipment, please contact us at enlightened@lucidcandle.com and a friendly customer service representative will assist you.

Ground Delivery domestic orders generally arrive within 2-5 days of being shipped.

We also offer expedited and international shipping options. Customers in countries outside the USA will be responsible for any local duties, taxes and fees.

Delivery services FedEx, UPS and the Postal Service will not guarantee on-time delivery service this season, even for premium expedited service. Delays in transit may occur that are beyond our control.

Lucid Liquid Candles provide a better way to bring real candlelight into your home. They are refillable and everlasting. They look and feel like wax candles. The candle is made of a polymer that never burns down. The body of the candle is a reservoir for Lucid Liquid paraffin. The removable top contains a fiberglass wick that reaches into the reservoir and draws up the liquid. Only the Lucid Liquid is burned - the candle and wick are permanent. Light the wick and enjoy clean, natural candlelight.

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Lucid Candles are the safest natural flame candles obtainable. They avoid the common hazards associated with wax candles because they don’t burn down. They don't drip, gutter, explode or throw burning cinders. Lucid Liquid ignites only when vaporized on a wick but will not catch fire alone. If you drop a lit match in a bowl of Lucid Liquid it will extinguish the match! To learn more about Lucid Liquid, please visit the Safety Data Sheet.

Lucid Candles tops are secured with a twist lock so if they are knocked over, only a small amount of liquid can seep out. Lucid Liquid is clear and will not stain or damage textiles or furnishings in your home.

Of course, because Lucid Candles have a real flame, please exercise caution when using them.

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Lucid Candles may have a higher initial cost than some wax candles, but they are a great investment!

There is no dripping, messy wax. They won’t damage your candleholders, tablecloths or furniture. No mess. No Stress!

They also won’t produce streaks of black soot on your wall. No smoke or ash.

Made of high quality polymer material, Lucid Candles create a warm, brilliant glow without ever breaking, chipping or melting. They last forever!

Filled with clean burning, Lucid Liquid paraffin – a single bottle provides 200 hours of burn time. They are the most cost effective, real-flame candles available.

Proudly made in the state of Maine.


Our Dinner Candles feature the Universal Adapter - a unique, flexible end piece that fits securely into almost any candle holder designed for traditional tapers.

Occasionally, very shallow or angled candlestick sockets have trouble accommodating the Universal Adapter. Please ensure that the Lucid Candle fits securely in your candle holder before filling and lighting.

Our Pillar Candles can stand on any flat surface or pillar holder, and are made with a notch in their base to accommodate spikes.

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You can shop for Lucid Candles here on lucidcandle.com

Lucid Liquid is sold separately from candles and can be purchased here.

Lucid Candles can be used with or without fragrance. Lucid Liquid paraffin is completely odorless but Lucid Fragrance Stones can be used with our pillar candles to fill your room with wonderful aroma! Please explore our fragrances here.
Lucid Fragrance Stones

Yes, nearly every product has star ratings and reviews at Lucidcandle.com. Just scroll down on a product page to see.

General Questions

Lucid candles will last forever. The amount of time they will burn between needing to be refilled depends on their shape and size. The 11" dinner candle will burn 5-6 hours between refills. The 4" tall pillar candle will burn 24 hours between refills. The 6" pillar will burn 48 hours between refills. The 8" pillar candle will 60 hours between refills. A one liter bottle of Lucid Liquid ($14.50) will provide 200 hours of burn time.

Yes! The candle lasts forever so your only expense is refilling it with Lucid Liquid. Lucid candles cost about 6 cents an hour to operate. This is far less expensive that continuously buying new wax candles.

Lucid Candles were developed by a family business that has had history making similar style candles for churches and houses of worship for over 30 years. Lucid Candles are made in Maine - we are proud to manufacture in the USA.

The wick should not need to be replaced. The fiberglass wick on a Lucid Candle does not actually burn, it just allows Lucid Liquid to vaporize on the tip and burn a flame.

Sometimes, after years of use, the performance of the fiberglass wick can begin to diminish, in which case replacement wicks are available here at lucidcandle.com very inexpensively.

Proper Use Questions

Sorry, no. Burning fragrant oil destroys fragrance molecules rather than dispersing them. Fragrant oils will result in an unclean burn and diminish the performance of your Lucid Candle.

Lucid Liquid is the highest grade liquid paraffin available and we quad-filter it for even greater purity. It burns clean. And ounce-for-ounce it provides long times and real economy. We cannot guarantee the performance, cleanliness or safety of any other product than Lucid Liquid.

We do not recommend you using any other product.

We do not recommend it.

You may certainly burn Lucid Candles outdoors. Because a Lucid Candle burns a real flame, it is subject to the influence of wind, weather and drafts. We recommend that you use your Lucid Candles outdoors in hurricanes or lanterns for the best results.

There are three possible causes of a short flame.

1. There is not enough Lucid Liquid in the candle. When there is a very little Lucid Liquid left in the reservoir, the candle will not burn as tall. In this case, just refill your candle.

2. The wick height is too low. Lucid Candles come with height calibrated for a default flame height. If you would like your flame to burn taller, please slide a thin pin or needle inside the "loop" of the wick and gently move it up. Please know that slight changes in the wick height have a significant effect on the flame height. When the wick is too high, it will lead to an inefficient burn and soot and ash may be produced.
Lucid Candle Wick Raise
Wick height

3. After many hours of burn time, the fiberglass wick may build some carbon on it that hinders its performance. In this case, moisten a paper towel with Lucid Liquid and firmly clean off the tip of the wick.

NEVER cut or trim your Lucid Candle wick.

If your flame is too high, the exposed part of the wick (the part that shows above the Pyrex glass wick holder) is probably too long. Please remove the candle top and then, from the underside of the candle top, pull the wick gently so that the exposed end of the wick gets shorter.
Lucid Wick Adjustment
Lucid Wick Adjustment
Wick Adjustment

NEVER cut or trim your Lucid Candle wick.

If you have just refilled your Lucid Candle, please know that it may take a couple minutes before the wick fully absorbs the liquid and is ready to light. If you have never lit your candle before, the flame may be very small at first as well. It will grow after a few minutes.

If you are still having trouble getting your Lucid Candle to light, please try wiping off the wick with a dry paper towel and/or increasing the height of the wick with a small needle or pin.

Still having trouble? Could your candle have water in it? The presence of water mixed with Lucid Liquid will prevent it from lighting. Empty your candle and dry it completely. Dry or replace the wick. Refill with new Lucid Liquid and you will get proper performance.

Lucid Pillar Candles - Stop filling Lucid Pillar Candles when the Lucid Liquid is is about 1/4 inch below the threads for the twist-in top. This leaves room for any displacement caused by the wick.

Lucid Dinner Candles - here are a few tips to ensure you don't overfill your dinner candle:

1. Use the pour spout that comes with your bottle of Lucid Liquid. The small nozzle will help the liquid go into the candle.

2. Unscrew the top of the candle but keep most of the wick inside of the candle while you fill. The wick causes displacement which is difficult to account for if it is not in the candle during the fill.

No worries! 

Please use a copper wire and wrap it underneath the "loop" in the fiberglass wick. Thread the copper wire up through the Pyrex wick holder and pull the fiberglass wick along with it. Remove the copper wire.
Reinstall Wick

The flame will appear "split" if the wick has been cut or trimmed. You should NEVER cut or trim a Lucid Candle wick. If you have, remove and replace with a new wick.

Other common causes for a dual or misshapen flame are an unclean wick or strong draft. Please wait until your wick has cooled and wipe if off with a cloth or paper towel moistened with Lucid Liquid. If your candle is in a strong draft, please move it or place it in hurricane or lantern.

The best cleaning product for Lucid Candles are Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Watch video below:

Lucid Candles are a sturdy, durable product. It is very unlikely that your candle will break. It is possible that the Pyrex glass wick holder at the top could crack. Replacement tops are available by emailing us at Enlightened@Lucidcandle.com

These coverings prevent fraying and keep the wick neat inside your candle. The wick will still work if you remove the covering accidentally.

This is a vent that allows the air pressure inside the candle to be the same as it is outside. Otherwise the wick wouldn't bring Lucid Liquid to the candle top as it should.

The wick holder should cool to room temperature in 3-4 minutes.

Safety / Cleanliness Questions

No. Though prolonged exposure may cause some drying, Lucid Liquid is safe on skin. Just wash off with soap and water.

Lucid Liquid does not stain. Just blot up with a dry paper towel. Any residue will evaporate quickly.

Please see a physician or health professional immediately. Do not induce vomiting. Let the doctor know that the material is liquid paraffin, a petroleum distillate.

No. As with all candles, burning Lucid Liquid Candles releases a minute amount of CO2 into the atmosphere (as does normal breathing) but no harmful toxins are present.

Lucid Liquid is liquid paraffin - a highly refined byproduct of the petroleum refinery process.

Lucid Candles' tops are secured with a twist lock so if they are knocked over the flame will extinguish and only a small amount of Lucid Liquid will seep out. Lucid Liquid is clear and will not stain or damage textiles or furnishings in your home.

Watch safety video ↓

Business Policy Questions

We want you to be delighted with your Lucid Candles! If you are dissatisfied with a candle you purchase directly from Lucid, you may return it to us within thirty days of the shipment date and we'll refund the price you paid for it minus a $10 return shipping fee*. The same goes for unopened bottles of Lucid Liquid and Lucid Fragrant Oil. We do not accept returns of opened bottles of Lucid Liquid or Lucid Fragrant Oil. Of course, if any product arrives damaged, please let us know within ten days and we'll assist you with any return or refund that may be needed.


*Bulk orders of Lucid Candles that receive discounted bulk pricing are final and not returnable

Charges are based on the value of your order and the delivery service you select. 

Lucid Candle accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, ShopPay or a Lucid gift card.


Yes. You will be given the option to charge to PayPal during checkout.

Lucid Candle is required to collect sales tax in the States it has physical or geographic nexus. As of January 2024 that include New York, Maine and Florida.

Yes! Please submit an inquiry at our contact us page.

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Please contact us with via question submission or email us at Enlightened@Lucidcandle.com