About Us

Inventors: brothers Stephen & Michael Fendler

Lucid Candles burn with the living flame and warm glow of traditional wax candles. But instead of messy wax, they burn clean liquid paraffin. They are refillable, never burn down and never have to be replaced.

We developed liquid candles in our Maine shop in 1992 for use in churches and, so far, we have made more than 300,000 of them for about 40,000 churches all over the world. Churches love them and we believe you will, too.

Our family has a tradition of making beautiful products. Founded by Clarence Almy in 1892 in New York City, CM Almy & Son started as master tailors, specializing in clergy apparel, liturgical vestments and altar cloths for local churches. In 1952, Clarence’s grandnephew, our father, moved the New York shop to central Maine and the company expanded, earning an international reputation for excellence.

A few years ago, we learned that our liquid candles were finding their way into people's homes. Then friends asked us to make a special version for their restaurant. We have been reimagining and reinventing ever since, making liquid candles affordable and decorative for homes.

As CM Almy church decorators we have been a part of countless weddings, baptisms and daily worship rites. We hope to carry on for a fifth generation and more.

Now, as Lucid Candle, it also feels natural for us bring beautiful, decorative candlelight to homes, spas and hospitality locations.

Candlelight every night!

- Stephen & Michael