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Lucid Candles provide the unmistakable allure of real candlelight without the mess of dripping wax, soot or smoke. They will save your business time and money and provide your clients with the beauty and charm they desire at their event.

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Natural Tapers

Our natural "dinner" candles stand secure and erect in nearly any candle holder and never drip messy wax.

Gorgeous Pillars

We offer 3" diameter pillar candles in a variety of colors and designs. This elegant lace pattern is perfect for weddings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Lucid Liquid Candles provide a better way to bring real candlelight into your event or venue. They are refillable and everlasting. The candle is made of a polymer that never burns down. The body of the candle is a reservoir for Lucid Liquid paraffin. The removable top contains a fiberglass wick that reaches into the reservoir and draws up the liquid. Only the Lucid Liquid is burned - the candle and wick are permanent.
Light the wick and enjoy clean, natural candlelight.


Our Dinner Candles feature the Universal Adapter - a unique, flexible end piece that fits securely into almost any candle holder designed for traditional tapers.

Occasionally, very shallow or angled candlestick sockets have trouble accommodating the Universal Adapter. Please ensure that your Lucid Candle fits securely in your candle holder before filling and lighting.

Watch Universal Adapter video:


Lucid Candles are the safest natural flame candles obtainable. They avoid the common hazards associated with wax candles because they don't burn down. They don't drip, gutter, explode or throw burning cinders. Lucid Liquid ignites only when vaporized on a wick but will not catch fire alone. If you drop a lit match in a bowl of Lucid Liquid it will extinguish the match!

Lucid Candle tops are secured with a twist lock so if they are knocked over only a small amount of liquid can seep out the vent hole. Lucid Liquid is clear and will not stain or damage textiles or furnishings at your event.

Of course, because Lucid Candles have a real flame, please exercise caution when using them.

Watch safety video:


We offer volume price discounts to event professionals. Please contact us and we'll get back with more information ASAP.

Yes! We believe that seeing is believing! We’ll be happy to send sample candles and free Lucid Liquid to you for a 90-day trial period. Keep the samples and pay for them or return them for full credit. To learn more please contact us here.

We manufacture Lucid Candles in Pittsfield, Maine. We can usually ship out orders within 1 or 2 business days. Please make sure to contact us and request an estimated ship date though.

Lucid Candles are made by the CM Almy company - outfitters to the Church & Clergy since 1892. CM Almy developed similar candles for churches in the early 1990's and they are currently used by over 40,000 churches in the United States & Canada. Lucid Candles were developed for home, hospitality & events and launched in the summer of 2017. We are proud to have developed a growing client base of event designers, planners, venues & florists.

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