Lucid Candle Etoile Dinner Candle
Etoile 11" Dinner Candle
Etoile 11" Dinner Candle
Etoile 11" Dinner Candle
Etoile 11" Dinner Candle

Etoile 11" Dinner Candle

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Inspired by the pioneering textile designers of the mid-century, our Etoile candles are a sophisticated choice. The stars & colors are highlighted by the glow of a real flame and throw soft light in the surrounding room. Striking on their own or the perfect complement to our Natural, Khaki or Gray solid candles. 

  • Everlasting, never drips, melts down or burns unevenly
  • Candle body made of heavy duty nylon that doesn't melt in the sun, warp, fade or chip
  • 11 inches tall, 1 inch diameter
  • Includes Universal Adapter to fit most candle holders
  • Burns 5 to 6 hours between refills with Lucid Liquid
  • Clean, easy and safe
  • Packaged in our signature Lucid gift box
  • Lucid Liquid sold separately from candles
  • Proudly made in the USA

1. Remove candle top
2. Fill with Lucid Liquid
3. Light wick and enjoy!

Flexible adapter fits straight and secure in almost all candlesticks.  All Lucid Dinner Candles come with a Universal Adapater

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Why choose Lucid?

Everlasting light

Lucid Candles last forever and are the most economical way to bring real candlelight into your home.

American made

Lucid Candles are made by hand in Pittsfield, Maine by skilled partners of a 6th generation family run business.

A Better Candle

We set out to preserve the timeless, irresistible elements of candles without the hassle, mess or danger of traditional wax.